To Increase Value, Create an Experience with Joe Pine – 099

Creating an experience means that work becomes a performance for which you charge an admission fee. What would you have to revise to sell a ticket to engage with your business? The answer to this question can launch your business beyond the first three stages of economic value–commodity, goods and services–to the fourth stage, the experience.

Discover Impact, Meaning and Feeling with Matthew Tol – 098

At times, value pricing can seem complex. However, if you boil it down to the core elements it is listening to the customer, discovering the impact and then creating options. Matthew Tol is passionate about the fundamentals and believes you should expand discovery to include the meaning and feeling to the customer to fully understand the value landscape.

Value Pricing Is A Competitive Advantage with Michael Bradley – 097

As a profession, lawyers may be the most resistant to value pricing due to their conservative nature. However, this is the very reason Michael Bradley from Marque Lawyers considers it a strategic advantage. The outcome for the customer is the first priority. If Marque cannot create value for the customer, they will not engage simply to make money.

How the Customer Decides to Buy with Sean D’Souza – 096

In The Brain Audit, Sean D’Souza uses an analogy of 7 bags, or pieces of luggage, to explain the sequence the brain goes through during the buying process. Open the bags one at a time, in the right order, and the customer will buy. Skip a bag or alter the sequence, and the customer cannot finish the steps to make a purchase.

A Value Conversation for the Solopreneur with Eric Davis – 095

Having a value conversation with the customer is important regardless of the size of your business. However, as a solopreneur, it is essential for survival. You have to determine what type of customer is necessary to operate a profitable business. Then use the value conversation to identify and educate customers that you can serve and with whom you enjoy working.

Value and Pricing in the Enterprise with Matthew Habuda – 094

After discussing the limitations of hourly rates in a Facebook group, Matthew Habuda decided to give value pricing a chance. He started with a small project and progressed to a Fortune 500 opportunity. Along the way, he had to convince the customer and subcontractors it was the right decision. He shares his results and why he will never bill by the hour again.

Learning the Art of Frame Control with Oren Klaff – 093

Oren Klaff is an expert at pitching and closing multi-million dollar investment deals. His closing rate is high because he has mastered the art of frame control. Frame control helps Oren capture and keep the investor's interest during a presentation. The same concepts apply when you are having a value