How do you create happy customers and earn more money?

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How do you discover what is valuable to your customer?

  • Jim Medema
    When presented with an opportunity to resell a specialized solution, I wasn't even sure what questions I should be asking to price it. Kirk not only asked me the precise questions to guide me to an appropriate, defendable price, he also coached me on how to present the proposal to my client. I presented it and got approval in 20 minutes! With this one sale, I boosted my revenue by nearly 35% over last year.

    Jim Medema / Surefoot Data /

  • Liz Clark
    Kirk Bowman is both professional and personable. Kirk immediately put me at ease as we discussed the very real challenges facing my business. He listened graciously and captured the essence of my struggle in words that helped me find hope for the road ahead. I am so thankful for his investment of time, encouragement and practical advise on my journey to develop a stronger, healthier business.

    Liz Clark / Get Life Done /

  • Amy Campbell
    For years, I have struggled to properly value the consulting offered by The Red Checker. I priced everything around the number of hours it would take to produce the outcome. In the end though, I had undervalued my work, and my clients believed it was a commodity they could get elsewhere. Working with Kirk, it has become crystal clear that we have been providing tremendous value, and we can benefit mutually with our customers from the value we create.

    Amy Campbell / The Red Checker /

  • Melissa Hawks
    I came to Kirk with much anxiety around the idea of pricing for my services. Through my time spent working with him, I have come to realize that I have no reason to fear pricing when I understand the value of what I offer my clients. Knowing how my clients value my services in order to price them correctly has also made the clients happier and allowed me to make more money!

    Melissa Hawks / Hawks & Rock /

  • Charlie Backer
    I contacted Kirk when I was in the early stages of developing my company and he helped me to organize my services and figure out how to best sell my products. Through different types of levels and offerings, I left the conversation with a better focus and perspective on my pricing. His ideas and questions helped me to figure out how to BEST serve both my customer and my bottom line.

    Charlie Backer / /

How do you price value to grow your bottom line?

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